Author: Berni

Blog about my “competitive inhibition”

How I lose the taste when I eat sugar!

For some time now, I have lost my sense of taste in my mouth as soon as I eat or drink food that contains industrially processed sugar. Apparently, this is supposed to be a competitive inhibition. Where does this come from? How it goes away? No idea! Unfortunately, I haven’t met anyone who has the same thing either. That’s why I’m trying to find fellow-sufferers or experts via blog who may be able to help me!

How everything began

It happened before Christmas 2020 when I noticed how the food became tasteless after a few bites. At that time I had no idea what the trigger could be, which frustrated me every day more and more. The thought that from now on my meals would be tasteless left me anything but hopeful about the future. In the following time, day after day, at every meal or snack, after one or two bites, my sense of taste left me.…

By Berni September 25, 2023 1